While this list is far is far from exhaustive, many of the articles are linked to their online publications, or I am happy to supply a PDF for a closer look. 

There is plenty of room to roam in Montana, and the Rails to Trails Conservancy plays a large part in supporting trail systems for hikers and bicyclists throughout the state. With so much to offer, it's truly difficult to pick favorites, although these are a few that are "must-dos" on anyone's list. 


The waterways, prairies, mountain ranges, and hiking trails of Big Sky Country offer practically endless recreational opportunities

Jacob Cowgill went from farmer to baker working with ancient and heritage grains for over a decade. Now Blue Truck Bread is a favorite of locals throughout Central Montana. 

Photo courtesy of Jacob Cowgill at Blue Truck Bread. 


Backyard Kitchen Gardens

The New Pioneer - Winter 2021 (PDF Available)

You don't need acres of land to supply your family with enough fruits and vegetables for the entire year. Learn tips on how much to plant and how best to do it. 


Where to Go Stargazing in

Montana - TripSavvy.com

Affectionately known as “Big

Sky Country,” Montana’s glorious

blue skies seemingly stretch forever,

yet the heavenly expanse we love truly

shines at night. Although nearly 80

percent of the United States cannot

see the Milky Way, Montana’s dark

skies are one of the last places to

experience the stars as everyone

once could.

The Great Outdoors Never Looked So Good 

Ruralite Magazine

Now is the perfect time to take your family to the forest. Whether you're new to hiking and camping, or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, here are a few tips to make it fun for the entire family.


Journey of Rediscovery: Go on a wild Lewis and Clark style ride with a homemade dugout canoe

The New Pioneer, Winter 2021 (PDF available)


When Tom Elpel decided to paddle the Missouri River from Three Forks, Montana to St. Louis, Missouri, he did it in style. Working with a descendent of Captain William Clark, they fashioned the Belladonna Beaver and gathered friends to spend five months on the river following learning more about the land and themselves. 

Love Them & Leave Them: Native orchids reward the botanically curious,

but they're best admired in their natural habitats 

Horticulture Magazine, March/April 2021 (PDF available)

Many people are surprised at the number of orchids seemingly at our fingertips. But because of their unique growing habits and relationship with the neighboring mycorrhizal fungi, it's imperative to leave them where you find them. 


Many of us know the night sky by the Greek and Roman stories describing their constellations, but for eons, the indigenous people of North America shared their own stories and traditions to teach lessons and explain the world around them. 


If you think there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to preparing family meals outdoors, it may be time to try solar cooking.

Harnessing the sun can take camp cooking to a new level.

The most important ingredient, of course, is the sun.

We're keeping a secret in Central Montana. While 

Glacier and Yellowstone receive the accolades, the Little Belt Mountains are the diverse and wild playground less than an hour from Great Falls. 


Commercially raising bees fits perfectly into Montana’s rich agricultural and ranching heritage. It just involves dealing with smaller livestock.

Huglekultur, a mounded raised bed, is an excellent way to utilize garden debris such as stumps, branches, and twigs to create a garden that supports the fruits and vegetables planted on top of it for years.


By Amy Grisak

Photos by John Ashley

Standing in the middle of the Montana prairie on a clear, moonless night, the familiar landscape takes on an otherworldly beauty as the Milky Way arches across the sky and hazy, spiraling 

galaxies glimmer. It's a blend of science and spirit, a way to connect with the universe from our home soil. 


Jennifer at Jacobs Heritage Farm in Copley, Ohio strives to utilize the best of the old ways of agriculture steeped in her family's Hungarian tradition.

Old-fashioned Flowers for Today’s Gardens

Horticulture Magazine, January 2019

Delphiniums, sweet peas, zinnias, and many other colorful blooms have been favorites for generations... and for good reason. 


The Bulls of Banff - Bugle Magazine Nov/Dec 2018 

OWAA Excellence in Craft Winner 2019 


Town elk in Banff, Alberta have made life interesting for visitors and residents for over 25 years. Learn what researchers think of the situation and methods their incorporating to live with urban elk.

A Natural Garden Brings Life to its Urban Setting

Horticulture Magazine, May/June 2018

A Missoula, Montana couple turned their standard urban backyard into a wildlife oasis by planting native wildflowers. Now over 80 different species of birds visit their home, along with a myriad of colorful - and beneficial - insects.


Best Basils to Grow for a Range of Flavors

Horticulture Magazine, March/April 2018


Basil is the queen of summer, and with so many varieties available to us, it's worthwhile to grow more than one. This article highlights a few of the less common options to spice up your garden and your meals. 

With a history steeped in cattle rustling and a thriving agriculture industry, the brand inspectors have their thumb on the pulse of Montana livestock. Take a step into the day of Paul Johnson, veteran brand inspector in Central Montana.


There is a science behind those storms of the century that make headlines and earn their places in history. 


Bombogenesis: Here's What it is, and Why You Don't Want to be
in the Path of One 
Farmers' Almanac

The Many Glacier Hotel is one of the most loved places to stay or visit in Glacier National Park. To keep it safe during the brutal months when the valley is engulfed in snow, winter keepers spend months depending upon their own resources to maintain and preserve this iconic hotel.