While this list is far is far from exhaustive, many of the articles are linked to their online publications, or I am happy to supply a PDF for a closer look. 

Where to Go Stargazing in

Montana - TripSavvy.com

Affectionately known as “Big

Sky Country,” Montana’s glorious

blue skies seemingly stretch forever,

yet the heavenly expanse we love truly

shines at night. Although nearly 80

percent of the United States cannot

see the Milky Way, Montana’s dark

skies are one of the last places to

experience the stars as everyone

once could.

Native American Legends & Lores of the Stars -2021 Farmers' Almanac

Many of us know the night sky by the Greek and Roman stories describing their constellations, but for eons, the indigenous people of North America shared their own stories and traditions to teach lessons and explain the world around them

Got leaves?Branches? Grass clippings? Turn them into your best garden yet!

For many homeowners, dealing with landscape debris, including brush, branches, grass clippings, and dead trees is a challenging task. This is where hugelkultur comes to the rescue...


If you think there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to preparing family meals outdoors, it may be time to try solar cooking.

Harnessing the sun can take camp cooking to a new level.

The most important ingredient, of course, is the sun.

Sound recording adventures with Amy Grisak - Wild Mountain Echoes

Viewers typically focus on the memorable images

of a natural history program - the grizzlies fighting

over a salmon or the lion chasing its prey - but

the background sound holds the story together

without many of us realizing it. 


Commercially raising bees fits perfectly into Montana’s rich agricultural and ranching heritage. It just involves dealing with smaller livestock.

We're keeping a secret in Central Montana. While 

Glacier and Yellowstone receive the accolades, the Little Belt Mountains are the diverse and wild playground less than an hour from Great Falls. 


By Amy Grisak

Photos by John Ashley

Standing in the middle of the Montana prairie on a clear, moonless night, the familiar landscape takes on an otherworldly beauty as the Milky Way arches across the sky and hazy, spiraling galaxies glimmer. It's a blend of science and spirit, a way to connect with the universe from our home soil. 

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