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About Amy

My writing reflects my passions. When I'm not on the trails of Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, or our bounty of public lands in Montana, I enjoy raising our own food and ensuring my family has a healthy, simple lifestyle. For any of my writing topics, my goal is to practical information wrapped in ample enthusiasm. 

Prior to my freelance writing path, I worked for a decade on natural history programs for National Geographic Television and BBC as everything from bait to associate producer. While working closely with grizzlies and mountain lions provided exciting and highly educational opportunities, I never stop learning and seeking new experiences. From forging my own adventures to absorbing information from biologists and other scientists, I see the outdoors as a beautiful, inspirational classroom. I love nothing more than engaging readers to learn right alongside of me and discovering their own wild path.

When I'm actually home, you can usually find me in the garden or in the kitchen, putting up food, creating new recipes, or making dinner in the solar oven. Learning new agricultural techniques, or relearning old ones is a favorite pursuit. And it makes me happy to walk new gardeners into this lifelong avocation where every season is new and full of promise. 

I share these interests in my writing, video productions, and speaking engagements, including podcasts for and as a co-host on Front Range Outdoors for KGPR-Great Falls. 

If you need a fresh and enthusiastic voice to reach your audience, whether in print, audio, or visual media, please reach out at

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