Kids' Hike on the River's Edge Trail

April 16, 2021 - North Shore of River's Edge Trail

One of the best features in the Great Falls area is the River's Edge Trail. With nearly 60 miles of paved and singletrack options there is something to keep everyone active. Well the whole snake situation keeps me off these trails during the warmer months, I do enjoy walking them during the winter and in the early spring.

We went out for a roughly 3 mile loop with friends starting at the North Shore Trail parking area before you reach Ryan Dam. This is the route we took for the first, and only, 5K race that I have done. (This was a full moon run, and the moon reflecting off of the river as we ran along the edge was pretty spectacular.) Within a tenth of a mile, a stone building is a curious feature along what seems as a fairly remote area. Speaking with historical experts, the best assumption is the building was used for explosives during the construction of Ryan Dam. Beyond that the trail tends to hug the edge above the river, passing by intriguing hoodoos. Add a mile and a half the trail then veers into the prairie taking you through rolling Hills and looping back to the parking area. It's a nice short outing for young kids, as well as for those who have a brief amount of time and want to be outside.

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